Secretary-General - Panama Maritime Authority

Tomas Avila

Lawyer by profession, Mr. Avila earned his degree in Law and Political Science at the University of Panama; he has a postgraduate degree in Public Law and a Master’s degree in Business Law; both degrees were earned at the Latin American University of Science and Technology.

Mr. Avila has 23 years of experience practicing as an attorney at law; he has excelled in the field of Maritime Law, offering legal services to a large group of shipowners and consultants in matters regarding the registering of ships; he has particularly excelled as foreign counselor for ship financing transactions on behalf of banks and international financiers in Asia and the Middle East.

Mr. Avila is a current member of the Panama Maritime Association (APADEMAR), where he served as its president from 2004 to 2008. He’s also a member of the Panama Bar Associations and the Association of Commercial Law.

He founded the law firm Ávila & Co, which specializes in Maritime (administrative and procedural) and Corporate Law worldwide.

He participated in the activities organized by the then National Maritime Commission. These activities resulted in the promulgation of Decree Law No. 7 of 1998 that created the Panama Maritime Authority. He also contributed in drafting the Maritime Labour Code (Decree Law No. 8 of 1998). On behalf of the sector of the shipowners, he participated in discussions at the International Labour Organization. He was called to work in drafting and take part in the discussions within the Executive, to promulgate Review of the Maritime Law (Laws 55, 56 and 57, of 2008).