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PANAMÁ, February 22, 2010

With the objective to safeguard the security of the navigation and to protect the human life in the sea, The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), develops the operating of security to national level during the summer, through the different Programs of Security that promotes this institution and that at the same time they seek to guarantee that the people that are dedicated to the transportation of passengers and load sea route, they comply with Safety regulations required by the law.

The operating, started with the festivities of the carnival it was carried out in the different ports, piers and private navies of the country, it was in charge of the personnel of the General Directorate of Merchant Marine and Ports and Maritime Industries of the AMP, jointly with the National Maritime Service (SMN), Civil Protection National System (SINAPROC, for its spanish initials) and the Air-sea National Service (SNA). 

The Merchant Marine Director, Alfonso Castillero indicated, that these operating are carried out during all the year but, they are reinforced during the months of summer and carnival since for these days there is greater affluence of passengers that utilize the seaways as ways of transportation, for which is done necessary to maximize the measures and recommendations in order to avoid regret. 

The fundamental objective of the operating is to avoid vessels that transport people or charges can set sail without the duty permission and that not meet the safety measures required, therefore, assured that is mandatory for every embarkation, to present the certificate of navigation and safety sent off by the AMP, indicated Castillero. 

The Panama Maritime Authority reiterates to all the users and owners of embarkations that every embarkation should include the following measures of security: to carry teams and safety as flares, life jackets, radio communicators, outboard motor in perfect conditions and navigation lights among others.