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Panama, February 10th, 2013

The Maritime Authority of Panama (AMP) carried on an operation to safeguard the lives of passengers that use the seaways in order to travel to different spots of our country. Up to the second day of the carnival, it had been verified that the biggest inflow of people had Taboga Island as its destination. 2760 passengers travelled to this beautiful destination. La Guaira, in the Province of Colón, came in second place with 1800 passengers. The total amount of passengers that used the seaways during these carnival days reached 9423.

During the operation carried on in the area of the Gulf of Chiriquí, 8 ships were inspected by our staff. It was found that the operators of six of them lacked operation licenses. As a prevention measure and in order to safeguard their lives, the AMP encourages all passengers to request a life jacket at the moment of going on board. Besides that, the passengers are encouraged to go on board of boats that comply with safety measures approved by the AMP. Going on board of a ship that does not comply with all the safety requirements can put at risk passengers’ own lives and cause the loss of their investment. If the ship is detained and brought back to a safe harbor, passengers will be unable to claim any reimbursement for a service that was not provided.

Furthermore, the staff of Ports General Directories, Merchant Marine and Institutional Security of the AMP will monitor the seaways to ensure compliance with the security measures that required for outboard engine vessels. Fishing boats cannot carry any passengers. Travel schedule for those vessels is from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

If you have any claim, suggestion or complaint related to Carnival Operation, please contact us via the hotline 501-5033 which has been empowered for this purpose. You can contact us 24/24 in case you need to report any contingency.

For further information please call the hotline number 501-5033