Eng. Napoleon Smith, chief SEGUMAR New York, Mr. Agustín Alejandro Moreno, Deputy Administrator of the PMA, Mr. José Luís Aizpurúa, Director General of Seafarers and Mr. Fernando Solórzano, Director General of the Merchant Marine

Upon the instructions of Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty (Atty.), Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, Panama reopened the SEGUMAR office in New York.  

This office serves consulates that process Seafarers’ and Merchant Marine’ documentation within the United States and Canada, but also customers from any other consulate in Europe or Asia, according to what the Administration deems necessary.

Less than a month after that the new Administration started its management, this initiative comes as a clear message to the international maritime community. It’s the first step taken in order to expedite all the paperwork of seafarers.

This Administration plans to open new strategically located documentation offices, in order to meet the requirements of the customers of our Merchant Marine that process any documentation regarding the Seafarers. For many years, the users have requested a faster and more efficient service.

The reopening was carried out by Mr. Agustín Alejandro Moreno (Atty.) Deputy Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, together with Mr. José Luis Aizpurúa, Director General of Seafarers and Mr. Fernando Solórzano (Atty.), Director General of the Merchant Marine.

To mark the reopening ceremony, these senior officials explained to the officials of this office the new transparency policies that the new Administration intends to implement in the consular services that the Republic of Panama offers abroad. They also explained the new security measures that will strengthen all the value documentation that is processed, both in the Seafarers General Directorate and in the Merchant Marine General Directorate.