Panama, on August 26th, 2014.

The General Directorate of the Merchant Marine of the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA), which is responsible for managing the largest fleet in the world, in order to exchange point of views, perform the first stage of visits to prestigious maritime law firms.

The delegation was headed by Mr.  Fernando Solórzano CEO and the Mr. Gonzalo Cornejo  Directorate General of Public Registry of Titles and Charges of Ships,  who presented to lawyers, his team for the actual administration, as well as reiterate that it aims to listen to the proposals which have all sectors to consolidate a restructuring that will benefit the Panamanian Merchant Marine.

"Our commitment under this new administration is establishing a policy of open doors, for that reason we are making these visits to the lawyers of the maritime area, in order to listen to them and take into consideration their point of views; also to inform them that the internal processes will be simplified and will be a system restructuring, with the purpose of obtaining a better quality product, more expeditious and attractive to shipowners and flag customers", said Mr. Solorzano.

By their part, senior executives of the firms visited, were pleased and emphasized that for them it is the first time that an approach of this kind is giving, where being taken into consideration their contributions, since this will contribute positively to a better and closer relationship with the institution, where both sides have the same goals that are the increase of the maritime fleet, a greater satisfaction to the customer and generate better income to Panama.

The firms that were visited until this moment are: Morgan &; Morgan; Arias and Associates; Arosemena, Noriega and Contreras; and PMAC; proximately the Directorate of Merchant Marine will be performing more meetings to follow up on the discussion.