Logistics Forum and Maritime 2014, organized by Financial Capital, attended the presentation of personalities, such as Mr. Alberto Zubieta, the Former Administrator of the Panama Canal Authority (PCA), ABCO managing partner, and Mr.  Juan Carlos Croston, President of the Panama Maritime Chamber, Mr. Hector Mendoza, Analyst of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and Mr. Tomas Avila, Secretary General of the PMA,  among others.

Panama, 26th August.

Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) inaugurated the Logistics Forum and Maritime 2014, organized by Financial Capital; that it seeks to promote and support to new initiatives in the logistics field, being performed by the National Government, in conjunction with the private sector and international organizations.

Mr. Barakat said, during the inauguration of the event, that the performance of the National Logistics System is a component of the Panamanian economy, which is generating significant challenges to State, in its global projection as a facilitator of cargo movement at the global level; given an approximately of 25% of our internal gross products that comes from this sector.

The absence of mechanisms that facilitate efficiency and transit time of load, the slow and excessive issuance of documents, the lack of processes designed to speed up the clearance and delivery of the cargo, are all obstacles that we have to overcome as a country, in order to improve our competitiveness indices and performance around the world.

In this new five-year term, we have to resume the country project as world-class logistics Hub and in conjunction along with the private company a new initiative, well strengthened, with renewed actors and proven experience, who together, have always believed in the potential that has Panama, and also have the necessary knowledge to continue the road to followin order to meet the target already drawn.

"The PMA, in strict compliance with the Constitution and the laws, takes up the role of coordinator of the National Logistics Development; taking as reference, the already advanced national logistical Plan or PeNLog, in Maritime Strategy and National Logistics, and other consultancies perform in this regard, in a close cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, the National Customs Authority, the Logistics Business Council - COEL, the Panama Chamber of Shipping, and the Inter-American Development Bank," said Mr. Barakat.

In this new management, we have a team with new initiatives and at the same time with experienced people, which will be under the leadership of the Executive, and that should be perform a develop harmony with all sectors and guilds, systematized way, a National Logistics Plan, containing the objectives, General and specific, to make our country a center of logistics services par excellence.

This plan will be covered in a National Logistics Law, which will provide a regulatory framework, to encourage and offer benefits to the local and international private investment, and also ensure a safe environment for the development of logistics activities and added value, in strict compliance with international standards relating to the subject and goals to long, medium and short term that the State arises to do.

Finally, this legal framework must be clear the horizon of sectorial initiatives, considering the Logistics Development of the country as a responsibility of all together, regardless of the specialty that we perform, trying to review the processes of our organizations and harmonizing them with those of the rest of the industry, with the objective of moving in the same direction.

"For this we need the cooperation of everyone, and once more, invite you to be part of the initiatives that we will be propose, all together are expecting a new and a better Panama, concluded, Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA).