Panama, 28th August.

The High school Directors where are giving the Maritime Industrial Baccalaureate , met with Mrs. Magdalena Carrera, Deputy-Director of Seafarers with whom they discussed the results that this Baccalaureate has been awarded after being applied on seven high schools, in the country.

The Deputy-Director of Seafarers manifested to the educators the interest of keeping the supporting Convention and cooperation assistance that exists with the Ministry of education (MEDUCA) and the PMA, raising the need to renew the agreement, which was signed on October 29th, 2009.

She recommended the educators to update the Maritime Industrial Baccalaureate, to the Maritime Sector needs, especially in the area of the Logistics Hub and Auxiliary Maritime Industries; that it is in a development increasing in the Republic of Panama.

Since 2010  the Maritime Industrial Baccalaureate were implemented the pilot plan at the following High school: Colegio Artes y Oficio , IPT de Aguadulce, El Progreso de Chiriqui, Rufo Garay Institute school and the school of Gatuncillo, located both in Cololn Province. It was recently included in the Chiriquí IPT Oriente and the IPT of La Chorrera.

This area of studies seeks to train the Human Resource, with a competent education in accordance with all standards and requirements of the Nationally Maritime Industry and internationally, allowing them to perform successfully in the maritime and port field, contributing to the development of the country and ensuring the success in the work world.

Since it was created, were three generations of graduates, i.e. 1021 students already have a basic training that orients them to choose careers in the Maritime and Logistics Sector.

They were present at the meeting by the PMA, Mr. Tomas Avila Secretary-General, Mrs. Guimara Tuñon, Deputy- Director of the Maritime and Auxiliary Industries, Mrs. Migdalia Jaén Secretary General Advisory, Mrs. Dalila de Frias Lawyer from the General Directorate of Seafarers and the Mrs. Cecilia Hernández Deputy-Head of the Maritime Training Department.

On behalf of MEDUCA participated: Mr. Jorge Luis Castillo G. Sub National Director of Professional and Technical Education, Mr. Julio Rafael Gallardo, Director of the Gatuncillo Educational Centre,  Mr. Felipe Vasquez, Director of the I.P.T. of Aguadulce,  Mr. Donis A. Pérez R, Director of the I.P.T. La Chorrera,.; Mrs. Elvia M. Muñoz a., Coordinator of High School Education in the Gatuncillo Educational Centre, Mr. Erick Altamiranda Coordinator of the Baccalaureate in the I.P.T. La Chorrera, Mrs. Damaris González, Coordinator of the Baccalaureate in the I.P.T. La Chorrera, , Mr. Alberto Olea, Arte y Oficio High School Coordinator and Mr. Jaime Ramos C. Arte y Oficio High School Coordinator.