Collaborators receive training on the Maritime Labor Convention 2006


With the purpose of providing the Panama Maritime Authority collaborators the opportunity to become familiar and acknowledge practical details about the Maritime Labor Convention 2006, it was held a training schedule at the Public Job Ministry Training Room.

The Maritime Convention 2006 that entered into force on August 20th, 2013, was ratified in 30 parties and guarantees fair jobs and life conditions on Board of certified ships that meet approved safety standards for seafarers. Others protected issues under this regulation include salaries payment, food and accommodation, health and accidents prevention on board.

It was the opportunity of the Deputy Chief from the Maritime Labor Issue Department, Mrs. Mayte Burgos, and member of the team that drafted the National Regulations and the certified trainer by the International Labor Organization (ILO), Mrs. Rosa María Aguirre, to train participants on these international regulations.

The activity that was organized by the PMA Training Area and directed for all the collaborators, count with a great participation of them from the General Direction of Seafarers and the General Direction of Port and Auxiliary Maritime Industries, who were updated and acquire practical details about this agreement.