The Panama Maritime Authority Administrator, Roberto Linares, inaugurated the “Regional Seminar Conference on the woman role in the leadership management within the Maritime Sector" where a select group of women with managerial positions in this business, came from Latin America and the Caribbean.

During his welcome speech, Mr. Linares said, the women integration is a fundamental key in the maritime sector gear, that’s for that reason the Panamanian Maritime Administration recognizes the efforts perform by regional organization, women's associations in the Latin American transport sector and to professional careers in this field.

He explained that this event main objective is to encourage the women’s, professional strengthening development opportunities and technical training in maritime high level, port administration, maritime training institutions and related companies of the private sector in each country, identifying the woman as a main resource in this sector.

Part of the topics covered in this seminar were, the national programs integration that is manage by the countries participating, in order to explain there duties in relation to women issue in the maritime field, with the purpose of acquire equilibrium and homogeneity in the senior profile, all this unified with a good education and work experience, breaking stereotypes or created labeled towards for female gender.

The Panama Maritime Authority work with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Central American Commission Maritime Transport (COCATRAM), making an effort in order to strengthen national and regional capacities and enhance women's access to opportunities for professional development and high-level technical training in the national and international maritime gear.

The inauguration was attended by the Deputy Director of the Technical Cooperation  Division (IMO), Mrs. Pamela Tansey, the Head of the Latin America and Caribbean, the Technical Cooperation Section IMO Division, Mr. Pedro San Miguel, the Panama Ambassador in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Permanent Representative in the IMO and Vice President of the twenty-eighth IMO Assembly, her Excellency Ms. Ana Irene Delgado, the Panama Maritime Authority Administrator, Mr. Roberto Linares,  the PMA Sub Administrator  , Mrs. Zulma Castro, Central American President Pro-tempore of the Maritime Transport Commission  (COCATRAM), Mrs. María Luisa Villegas Duran, and the Central American Executive Director for Maritime Transport Commission, Mr. Otto Noack.

Ms. Tansey during his presentation he quotes the words of the former Secretary of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan "gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of poverty reduction, sustainable development and good governance", where we can learn that women fed to growing economies, fosters productivity and growth, benefiting the global maritime economy.