February 21st 2014.

With success was the close of the “Regional Seminar about the enhance of  Women Roll in the Maritime Management Sector¨” where the participants from Latin America and the Caribbean exchange and share information related with the effective implementation on women roll in their respective job positions.

Within the Seminar conclusion was consider the IMO annual slogan incorporation. “Strengthening Women Roll in the Maritime Sector” in the followings years also using the proper via, maritime strategies needs to offer details about Maritime Administrations, include the women integration in the maritime sector as a subject to develop.

The pro-Tempore COCATRAM president, Mrs. Maria Luisa Villegas declared in her speech. “We are expecting plans and actions agreements in this activity to be an implement for you to collaborate for a personal and institutional benefit, and at the same time to share in your country the acquire knowledge strengthening as well of the integral development of women in the Port Maritime Sector.”

It is important to emphasize that this sequence seminar belongs to the IMO Regional Association Reinforcement Program Initiative, which specific purpose is to provide continuity to the obtainments results in the Women High Roll Regional Jobs Management Conference insert on the Maritime Sector, held in the Republic of Panama on March 2014.

The goal is to promote the information and cooperation exchange between women of the region in management maritime position, they were built interactive groups with the purpose of providing an agile and effective IMO tools implementation, trough their actually functions.   

In the end of this event, Mrs.Villegas, greet the Latin American and the Caribbean Region Port and Maritime Authorities for sending their representative to this seminar, allow in them to contribute and support the IMO Program with the Enhance of Women in a Word Wild Level