Panama, on July 7.

The Lawyer, Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty initiate with transition process as designated Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, With the Maritime Affairs Ministry position, reporting to the International Maritime Community that “this entity will give a twist of around 180 degrees, facing the sea, with a renovated institution, honest and transparent”.

“The Panama Maritime Authority, will focus in providing a transparent and efficient services”, Said the designated Administrator of this important State Entity.

The statements were giving during the transition meeting, that initiated with the Seafarers and the Auxiliary Port and Maritime Industry Directions where the new Administrator explained that is contemplated to perform the audit that the law establish, making emphasis in the concession issues, seafarers operation license granted by the before administration.

Once this stage is end, the necessary corrective action will be taken, to give the Panama Maritime Authority the position that always have had in the International Maritime Market, making of Panama the Platform Logistic of the Americas.

Among ours plans, is to impulse a strategy in the concession issues, in order that the State income and the job positions in this field increase in benefit of the country. “It is a lot of work to execute and this will begin from today now.” Concluded Mr. Barakat.

In this meeting frame they were present, in addition the PMA Deputy Administrator, Mr. Alejandro Moreno and Mr. Jerry Salazar, Mr. Carlos Ernesto Gonzalez de la Lastra, Mr. Fernando Solórzano above others personality of the national maritime industry.