Panama, July 20th.

In the midst of the joy of hundreds of children, Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty, Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, inaugurated the stand of the Panama Maritime Authority. This event took place during the celebration of Children’s Day, whose motto this year was “Sharing in Equality.”

As part of this celebration, the administrator spent quality time with the crowd of kids that visited the stand; he spoke to them about the values, so that they become honorable men and women for the sake of a better country.

His Excellency, Mr. Juan Carlos Varela, President of the Republic of Panama, paid a visit to the stand of the Panama Marine Authority; he cut a huge cake and shared it with the children that visited the stand. During three days of celebration, the Panama Maritime Authority distributed candies and gifts; this way, the Panama Maritime Authority filled those innocent and tender faces with happiness and excitement.

This activity, which was organized by the Bureau of the First lady, Mrs. Lorena Castillo of Varela, enticed thousands of children and filled them with satisfaction and joy, because of the gifts, the artistic performances, the clowns, the dances, the paint workshops, the face painters, the inflatable games, the rides and other attractions that were organized for their amusement and entertainment.

Paying homage to the Panamanian children in such manner is a way for the Panama Maritime Authority to spread the knowledge of children’s rights and duties, as well as to instil values in the children of our country.