The Panama Maritime Authority’s (PMA) Administrator meets up with members of the Panama Maritime Chamber.


PANAMA, July 25th, 2014.

Mr. Jorge Barakat, the Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA), and his task force met up with Mr. Juan Carlos Croston, the President of the Panama Maritime Chamber (PMC), in the Captaincy of Cristobal, in Colon Province.
Barakat said: “This meeting has been a very important rapprochement with the PMC, in order to seek together the full development of the sector. We wish to serve the customers we will listen to the port concessionaires; we will work closely to bring the required solutions and mainly, we will promote the safety within the maritime sector.”
The meeting was held in Colon Province, as it’s the logistics cradle and the place where are located the ports of major importance at a Latin-American level; the choice goes to this province also in open support the Urban Renewal Project, which is promoted by Mr. Juan Carlos Varela, President of the Republic. This plan will benefit about 25,000 people living in Colon City.
Barakat added that all the concessions will be assessed to see if the required parameters were met; to do so, a thorough audit process has begun, in order to check for any irregularities.  
On his behalf, Mr. Juan Carlos Croston, Chairman of the Panama Maritime Chamber (PMC), uttered his welcoming, in connection with this first encounter with the new administration of Panama Maritime Authority; it reflects an interest in the improvement of the industry, with clear guidelines towards a more competitive and fair marketplace for all members of this business organization.