Panama, August 1st.

The XXIII Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum ended successfully. This forum was organized by the Panama Canal Authority (PCA) in agreement with the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA). This event was attended by more than 100 representatives from 36 countries all around the world.

The representatives from various countries met during 5 days in Panama, in order to share experiences and make acquaintance with other investigators. During five days representatives of Egypt, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Liberia, The Marshall Islands, Peru, USA, The Philippines, Portugal, Australia, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Indonesia, Norway, New Zealand, Turkey, Vanuatu, Antigua and Barbuda.

The head of the Accident Investigation Unit of the Panama Maritime Authority, Mr. Carlos Lung, said that this Forum is extremely positive for Panama, because the necessary contacts are established, in order to promote cooperation in accident investigation issues, but above all, in matters of collaboration between Port States Rectors of different flags.

The Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum is a non-profit international organization committed to promote the marine and maritime safety, as well as the prevention of marine pollution, by means of exchanging ideas, experiences and information collected during the investigation of marine accidents. It aims to promote and improve the investigation of maritime accidents and encourages the cooperation and communication among the investigators of maritime accidents.

The MAIIF has been responsible by generating the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) code of accidents investigators, as well as the preparation of the model courses for investigators of maritime accidents, which are taught at the International Maritime Universities of Malmö (Sweden), and Trieste (Italy).

On behalf of the MAIIF, Mr. Steve Clinch (Chairman), Mr. Alan Blume (Vice Chairman) and Mr. David Squire (Secretary General) attended the closing ceremony. Also, Captain Miguel Rodríguez, on behalf of the Panama Canal Authority, attended this ceremony. Mr. Rodríguez was part of the Organizing Committee.