Panama, March 8, 2014.  

Yesterday night, the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) trough the Contamination Bureau of the General Direction of Port and Auxiliary Maritime Industry, already has controlled of the hydrocarbon stain that was visible in the Taboga Island Coast, wit a lay  out  of 140 foots of absorbent barriers, preventing anyway the  propagation.

From early, today, personal from the Contamination Bureau, were in the area participating in those cleaning operatives, in order to avoid the marine and coast contamination environment.

It is inform that in these moments, any visual detail or stain in the place is not aware, but for the tide condition was lay out around of 120 meters of absorbent barriers as prevention.

It is important to mention that the Contamination Department has a permanent monitoring of these area including their personal and we are expecting to continue with the evaluation of the scene with the purpose of getting a immediately results  of the investigation.

The Panama Maritime Authority collaborators inform that already the hydrocarbon lay out was control from yesterday and the area is clean and the situation is normal in the island for locals also visitors that regular arrive.

The restraining and cleaning work  of the affected area, has an high economical investment that is defray by the National Government, trough the Panama Maritime Authority, because any time that a hydrocarbon lay out  occur in the seas and also in national coasts, the PMA is the one uncharged of establish an economical sanction to the one find guilty, after with an investigation that will take them to the one responsible.

We greet the Aeronaval National Service (SENAN) for their support in transfer our personal to the incident area.