Panama, October 6.

Mr. José Gomez, the Director of Customs met with members of the Logistics Committee, which has its seat at the facilities of the Panama Maritime Authority, PMA, in order to get acquainted with the project that seeks to create the National Secretariat of Logistics. This organization aims to turn Panama into the largest logistics hub in the region, at the service of the international trade.

The meeting was also the appropriate framework to explain all the details regarding this significant project. The project seeks to coordinate all the companies which are involved in the national logistics development, whose activities impact the transportation of the cargo in all its forms, as well as the transfer of passengers from one point to another and the development of port roads and infrastructures.

Other topics addressed during this meeting were: the study carried out by the Inter-American Development Bank regarding the Customs in Central America and their benefits, the border issues at Paso Canoas (the border with Costa Rica); furthermore, some other topics of bilateral interest were addressed, in order to work closely together in the development of this significant project.

Mr. Carlos Ernesto González de la Lastra, coordinator of the Logistics Committee, was responsible for making the presentation of this project. It aims to create an integrated system, which bid an agile and efficient service, in line with the needs of the international maritime market.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Humberto Maceas, on behalf of the Directorate of Customs. On behalf of the PMA attended the meeting, Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty, Administrator, Mrs. Migdalia Jaen, adviser of the Administrator’s Office, Mrs. Guimara Tuñón, Deputy Chief of the Directorate of Auxiliary Maritime Industries and Mr. José Miguel Rovira, Deputy Chief of the Planning Bureau. Finally, on behalf of the Inter American Bank Development Bank, the meeting was attended by Mrs. Dianela de Zachrisson and Mr. Hector Mendoza.