Panama, October 4.

Members of the Logistics Committee, which has its seat at the facilities of the Panama Maritime Authority, PMA, met with members of the Transport Committee of the National Assembly (the Panamanian Parliament) to expose the project that seeks to create the National Secretariat of Logistics. This organization aims to turn Panama into the largest logistics hub in the region, at the service of the international trade.

Members of the Transport Committee coordinated this meeting, which was chaired by the Minister of Government and Justice, Mr. Milton Henriquez. Mr. Henriquez noted the importance it has for the State and the responsibility to prepare itself to confront the challenge of an expanded Canal.

The meeting was also the appropriate framework to explain all the details regarding this significant project. The project seeks to coordinate all the companies which are involved in the national logistics development, whose activities impact the transportation of the cargo in all its forms, as well as the transfer of passengers from one point to another and the development of port roads and infrastructures.

Mr. Carlos Ernesto González de la Lastra, coordinator of the Logistics Committee, was responsible for making the presentation of this project. It aims to create an integrated system, which bid an agile and efficient service, in line with the needs of the international maritime market.

Members of the Parliament expressed interest in analyzing everything that is developed within the project of the National Logistics Secretariat, namely regarding the land transport system; to this effect, they extended an invitation to the Logistics Committee of the PMA to be part of a Sub Commission that will further examine the issue of transportation and give its contribution to the creation of the Secretariat.

The meeting was attended by the parliamentarians Mr. Aris de Icaza, Mr. Héctor Valdés Carrasquilla; Mr. Esteban Rodriguez, Commission consultant, on behalf of the transport sector; on behalf of the PMA, Mr. Carlos Ernesto González de la Lastra, Coordinator of the Logistics Committee, Mrs. Guimara Tuñon Deputy-Director of the Directorate of Auxiliary Maritime Industries and Mr. José Miguel Rovira, Deputy Director of the Office of Planning.