Netherlands, October 13.

In order to capture newly built vessels for its Registry, thus reducing the average age of the Panamanian fleet, which hovers around 16 years, the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA), through its Administrator, Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty started a series of visits to the main shipbuilders of South Holland (the Netherlands), where the Port of Rotterdam is located. The Port of Rotterdam is considered the gateway to the European market.

The Administrator of the PMA explains that these visits are carried out in order to give attention to the technical needs of the shipbuilders of the Registry, in regards to the compliance with international regulations that apply to the fleet; furthermore, these visits allow the exchange of information, in view of the decision-making of relevant issues, in order to provide a more efficient service.

The current Administration of the PMA provides technical advice to the fleet as an added value. This technical consultancy is carried out through the Marine Safety Office, during the construction of new ships, so that new registered vessels possess the required certifications that ease their navigation, operation and subsequent docking in the different ports of the world under conditions of maritime safety.
As part of this visit, an inspection was made at Rotterdam shipyard, where the team of PMA could see newly built ships, specifically one that will be registered in the Panamanian Registry once its construction is completed.

Moreover, Mr. Barakat explained that the initiative of visiting the shipyards is part of an international marketing strategy in order to consolidate the position of the PMA within the market of newly built vessels.

To this effect, the PMA approved a resolution that allows the registering these new ships until December 31, 2015, without paying the registration fee.

Rotterdam is the largest port and industrial complex in Europe, with a length of more than 40 km. It's ranked as the fourth port in the world in terms of tons of freight traffic.

On this official mission, the Administrator of the PMA was accompanied by Mr. Fernando Solórzano, Director of the Merchant Marine, Mr. Reynaldo Garibaldi, Director of Navigation and Safety of Merchant Marine, and Mr. Gustavo Leignadier, General Consul of Panama in Rotterdam, Holland.