Panama, September 26.  

A “Consultancy – sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank – to Assess the Needs for Human Resources in the Logistics sector” revealed that, in Panama, there is a lack of technical labor to work in the logistic sector.

It was made known by the consultants, Mr. René Quevedo and Mr. Orlando Allard during a meeting with members of the National Logistics Committee, which has its seat in the facilities of the Panama Maritime Authority. They were responsible of detailing the results of the research on human resource need within the logistics sector for the next ten years.

These results are based on projections of GDP growth and the proven relationship with the growth of the employment in the logistics sector. In the logistics sector, this scenario is aggravated by the lack of a certification scheme and of a scheme for the standardization of technical trades.

Facing this reality, the consultants recommend implementing a pilot-technical training plan, which would include a sustainable scheme for inclusion in the labor market.

The main features of this pilot training program are:

a) Positions with high demand and relatively low;
b) A pilot population: 175-200 young people
c) A target population: youth under 30 years of age

This initiative has the support of the private sector, which is interested in this project. Funding to carry it out is in progress. The consultants stated that several entities have evinced interest in financing it.

The PMA, through the National Logistics Committee, looks favorably upon the creation of this pilot plan, especially if we consider that Panama is intended to become the most important logistics hub in the region. A skilled labor is required in order to meet the demands of the international maritime market.

This presentation was attended by the Secretary General of the PMA, Mr. Tomás Ávila, the Deputy Director of Seafarers, Mrs. Magdalena Career, the Deputy Director of the Directorate of Maritime Industries, Mrs. Guimara Tuñón Guerra. On behalf of the Logistics Committee, Mrs. Rachel Gicela Kinkead and Mr. Carlos Ernesto González de la Lastra attended this presentation. Mr. Luis Ureña (from the PMA General Secretariat) and Mrs. Elizabeth Ward, Director of the Center for Maritime Simulation-INADEH (Howard) were also present during this presentation.