Panama, September 15.

The heads of the Operational Units of the Merchant Marine Directorate of the Panama Maritime Authority, (PMA), held a meeting, in which they agreed to continue maintaining the standards required by the Quality System ISO 9001:2008.

The Operational Units reached this consensus after the Seventh Revision by the Senior Management of the Quality Management System, in compliance with item 5.6 of ISO 9001:2008, which states that “the Senior Management shall review the organization’s quality management system, at planned intervals, to ensure its advisability, adequacy and continuous effectiveness. This revision shall include the assessing of opportunities for improvement and the need for changes in the Quality Management System, which also includes the quality policy and the quality goals.”

An extensive list of items that should be revised was discussed during the meeting, among them:

  • The level of compliance with the quality goals and performance of the results according to the process indicators
  • Report on the perception of customers, their claims and suggestions
  • Status of detained ships
  • Status of corrective and improvement actions
  • Results of previous audits of quality
  • Requirements and improvements determined by the Management concerning SEGUMAR's International Headquarters and the Permanent Mission to the IMO
  • Human Resource Management
  • Follow-up of the actions determined by previous revisions
  • Changes that could affect the Quality Management System
  • Revision of the quality goals in force and identifying new goals
  • Review of the Quality Policy
  • Recommendations in view of improvements

Each Operational Unit works with an “indicator” – a percentage figure – which measures the fluency, efficiency and quality of the services that the General Directorate of Merchant Marine provides to its customers. The report made by the Statistics Department of the Panama Maritime Authority showed, department by department, the status of each Unit, regarding its established indicator.

Straight away, there was a report on the contents of the customer satisfaction survey, which applies to the customers who buy a service from the Merchant Marine General Directorate. This provided an overview on the level of satisfaction of our customer as well as their suggestions and / or claims.

The results of the internal and external quality audits also were analyzed, as well as all the suggestions, the corrective and improvement actions made by the auditors. All of this joined to an attentive listening of the feedback from customers will help us to maintain a competitive and efficient service within the international shipping market. This meeting was fully focused on decision making that improve the quality of our products and services.