Forty-six new consuls and vice consuls, members of the Panamanian consular system who will hold functions in the Foreign Service, received a training led by staff from the Panama Maritime Authority. The training was focused on the management and the services that they will provide to the customers of the Panamanian merchant marine, in the countries where they have been appointed.

The Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, Mr. Jorge Barakat said that the Panamanian Government is enhancing the transparency within the Consular System, since the consulates represent the Republic of Panama at an international level. “Therefore, we are fully engaged in modernizing the system, creating mechanisms of control, in order that the State revenues that are generated at the consulates directly enter in the Treasury.”

The induction course given to the diplomats included, among other topics: the importance of the quality management system of the Merchant Marine, the registering of ships, the issuance of documents related to changes/renewals in patents and radio licenses, the issuance of documents that are regulated by the Department of Maritime Safety, the tasks of Segumar, a consular induction to topics related to the Seafarers Directorate, an induction related to the use of budgets allocated to consuls and the subsequent audits, the management of financial instruments (value documents), and the promotion of the logistics industry as a development tool.

Taking into account that this Administration intends to work integrally with the guilds and associations within the maritime sector and in order to round out the training, the Panama Maritime Chamber participated in this training with the lecture: "Promoting Panama's Maritime services internationally."

The Administrator of the PMA, Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty and the Deputy Administrator, Mr. Agustín Moreno delivered the token or USB device called PKI (PERSONAL KEY INFRASTRUCTURE) to the consuls, as a symbol of having completed the induction.

The PKI device allows the consuls to perform the registering of ships from their consulates, thus allowing the marketing of the Panamanian Registry through offices in 60 countries, which will help to maintain our leadership as the first Flag Registry in the world.
The consuls who were trained by the Panama Maritime Authority have been appointed by the Government to the following destinations:

  1.  Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2.  Hong Kong, PR China
  3.  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  4.  New Orleans, United States
  5.  Los Angeles, United States
  6.  Naples, Italy
  7.  Manila, Philippines
  8.  Athens, Greece
  9.  Jakarta, Indonesia
  10.  Lisbon, Portugal
  11.  Bangkok, Thailand
  12.  Busan, South Korea
  13.  Hanoi, Vietnam
  14.  Hamburg, Germany
  15.  Toronto, Canada
  16.  Beijing, PR China
  17.  Barranquilla, Colombia
  18.  Barcelona, ​​Spain
  19.  Brasilia, Brazil
  20.  Caracas, Venezuela
  21.  Singapore
  22.  Antwerp, Belgium
  23.  Guayaquil, Ecuador
  24.  Tampa, United States
  25.  Taiwan
  26.  London, England
  27.  Venice, Italy
  28.  Montreal, Canada
  29.  Jamaica
  30.  Guatemala
  31.  Austria
  32. Peru
  33.  Houston, United States
  34.  Bolivia
  35.  Valparaiso, Chile
  36.  Dominican Republic
  37.  The Hague, Netherlands
  38.  Canary Islands, Spain
  39.  Trinidad and Tobago
  40.  Honduras