Taking into consideration the maritime development – ports and logistics – that is taking place in Panama, and thanks to the joint efforts of the public and private sectors, the opening of the World Conference & Exhibition Panama Maritime XII, took place in Panama City. This exhibition and conference gains relevance, as it provides an objective scenario for the matters that affect the local and international maritime industry. 

Captain Orlando Allard, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Panama Maritime, pointed: “as the Panamanian maritime cluster, we all have a responsibility to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise. Panama Maritime is and should remain a source of knowledge and a path to follow by young and enterprising students, who pursue a career within the maritime industry and who look to make business.”

In our days, the maritime industry - ports and logistics - faces many challenges worldwide, such as the economic crisis, the piracy, the illegal migration by sea, environmental protection and safety. Those issues affect us and wake our interest; however, it is impossible to cover them all at this conference. Panama Maritime turns around six core issues:

- The impact of the Panama Canal expansion in the development of the regional port system
- The highlighting of the Canal as a route for the major shipping companies worldwide
- New opportunities for the development of the logistics zones of value-added of the freight in Panama and in the region
- The legal aspects associated with all these new ways of doing business; the logistics, the opening of a center for conciliation, mediation and arbitration in Panama City, as well as the creation of the International School of Maritime Arbitration of Panama
- The impact of the industry as a whole; the impact of the new regulations to improve the energy efficiency in shipping
- The impact of oil cost fluctuations in shipping industry and the new regulations
- Institutional strategic plans, such as the Ministry of Economy and Logistics, PMA strategies to maintain the leadership of the ship registry, new businesses associated with the Panama Canal and their implementation strategies

Over 40 local and international speakers share their knowledge and experience during this twelfth edition of Panama Maritime. About 80 companies from both, from the private industry and from the state institutions have joined this exhibition to promote their services and products; Around 400 members of the local and regional maritime community have registered to participate in this conference and exhibition. 
Mr. Koji Sekimizu, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) was among the special guests that attended the opening ceremony.  
As it has become a tradition, the delivery of the Panama Maritime Awards took place during this opening ceremony. The winners of these awards were:

- Panama Maritime Excellence Award: Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
- Maritime Personality Award: Julio de la Lastra
- "Green Shipping" award: Mar Viva Foundation
- Social Responsibility Award: Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT)
- Award for journalistic excellence: Michelle Labrut