Panama is the host country of the III Annual Central American & The Caribbean Capital Projects & Infrastructure Summit that takes place the 4th and 5th of February.  This meeting develops a series of presentations of experiences, roundtables and workshops. It sets out from an inaugural lecture, which presented an analysis of Panama’s macro-economic, political and security context.  

At this summit, various port authorities, project and business developers, license holders and operators, construction companies, investors and government officials held talks on the opportunities and challenges that Latin American and Caribbean countries face in terms of economics, logistics and financial integration, as well as structural and competitive integration. This is based on the creation and the development of new opportunities around strategic sectors such as: roads and road networks, canals and ports, airports, railways, mining infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure, oil and gas, real estate, mass transportation systems, water and wastewater sanitation as well as technology.

Complementing these topics, and as an essential part of the regional integration, other thematic lectures were on the agenda, such as port infrastructure, financial projects and institutional investment, risk and operations, road infrastructures, airport modernization, energy infrastructure, sanitation and water management and social infrastructure. All these topics will be addressed throughout the workshops and roundtables that take place in the framework of the summit.

The Secretary General of the Panama Maritime Authority, Mr. Tomás Ávila, was delegated as representative of this institution, in this important summit, in which the main actors of the infrastructure sector in the region participated.