During a courtesy visit, the Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, as well as part of his management team, met with Mr. Ki-Tac-Lim, South Korean candidate for Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization.

Ki-Tac-Lim, current chief of the operations and management of the Port Authority of Busan presented his working method and projections to the senior management of the Panama Maritime Authority, in the event he resulted elected as new secretary general of the IMO. He underlined his commitment to keep the high standards in maritime administration as well as to maintain the good relation among IMO member states.

The last May 31 marked the deadline to submit the candidacies to this specialized agency of the United Nations. As of the deadline to submit the candidacies for this high position, the candidates are the following ones:

-           Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou, Cyprus, Interim Director of the Department of Merchant Marine
-           Mr. Vitaly Klyuev, Russia, Deputy Director of the Department of State policy for maritime and river transport
-           Mr. Ki-tack Lim, South Korea, responsible for the operation and management of Busan Port
-           Mr. Maximo Q. Mejia Jr, Philippines, Head of the Industrial Authority of Philippines’ Marine.
-           Mr. Andreas Nordseth, Denmark, Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority
-           Mr. Juvenal Shiundu, Kenya, Kenya’s representative to IMO

The election of the new Secretary General of the IMO will take place during the 114th session of the IMO Council. The candidates will meet with the members of the Council during an open session. Afterwards, a private session with the member states of the Council will take place. At the end, the members of the Council will carry on with the election, by means of a secret vote.