During Nor-Shipping 2015, the Panamanian registry will display the advantages of registering in our merchant marine. This fair - exhibition is one of the main meeting spots for the global maritime industry. It gathers delegations from 80 countries. The inauguration takes place today at the fairgrounds, in Oslo, Norway; the fair will go on until June 5, 2015.

Norway is the appropriate place to discuss issues that regard the maritime industry, if we take into account its legacy, based on the innovation of navigation and its offshore technology. Undeniably, from being an agrarian society with a sea-based economics, Norway has evolved into a connoisseur of safe technologies. Over the course of a few generations, this North European country has become a model to build up a modern nation.

Mr. Fernando Solórzano, general director of the Panamanian Merchant Marine and Ms. Olga Troetsch, Head of the Marketing and Commercialization of the Panama Maritime Authority lead the Panamanian delegation.

The participation of the Panamanian Registry in such events reaffirms our country’s presence in the international shipping industry. It is also a way to explore the Norwegian market, an excellent opportunity to advertise our services and attract new customers

His Majesty King Harald V of Norway opened the cycle of conferences. Nor-Shipping celebrates this year its 25th edition. It will welcome more than 1000 exhibitors in an area of 22 500 square meters where they will display cutting-edge technologies and all kinds of shipping services. Three main topics will be at the core of this fair-exhibition: innovation and investment, technology and future projects.