Nathan Associates Inc. is the winning Company that will take care of preparing the feasibility study to boost a business model in the area of Puerto Armuelles (Chiriqui Province). Likewise, this company ought to identify and analyze the potential markets as well as the turnover to attract investors to this zone.

The Meeting of the Port Companies of the Central American Isthmus, which takes place in Panama, serves as the propitious framework for this announcement. The announcement marks the triggering of the terms of execution of the plan to activate and boost the economy of Baru district.
Through this project, the Panama Maritime Authority seeks to boost the logistics sector in the Western region of the country, by means of reactivating and strengthening this area as a focal spot for the logistic development. This project takes into account Panama’s historical vocation as a logistics center.

The project of development aims to identify viable options for the creation of business opportunities. It also aims to create alternative systems of intermodal transport and of logistics. An agreement for technical cooperation between the Panama Maritime Authority and the Development Bank of Latin America is the frame of reference for the development of this project.

Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty, administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, expressed his optimism about the economic future of Baru District. Several international groups and diplomatic missions have expressed the interest that companies from their countries can take part in this development project in the area of Puerto Armuelles as well as in other projects that, in a near future, the Panama Maritime Authority will be developing.

For the government of Mr. Juan Carlos Varela, Panama’s president, an essential foundation for the economic growth of the country is the logistics. Since the Panama Maritime Authority is the organization that rules the maritime and port activities, the Secretariat of Competitiveness and Logistics of the Republic works together with the Panama Maritime Authority to reach these goals.

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