The seminar on the investigation of acts of piracy has started. This seminar aims to strengthen and improve the knowledge of the technical staff of several sea related institutions such as the National Air-naval Service, the International Maritime University of Panama and the Panama Maritime Authority. This seminar is 40 hours long.

Mr. Carlos Lung, head of the Department of Investigation of Maritime Casualties pointed that this seminary implies an improvement of the knowledge that touches the conventions, which regulate the safety in navigation, the safety of life at sea, the protection of the seafarers and the prevention of marine pollution.

Given these circumstances and concerned about the acts of piracy that ships navigating in treacherous waters have undergone, the IMO has invited various authorities to conduct investigations on such acts with the aim of drawing lessons learned and make recommendations to avoid them.

Mr. Ulrich Ganz, Vice President of Special Projects at Tundra International is the instructional leader. Mr. Ganz is also superintendent and maritime security expert. He has an extensive experience in topics of security, such as casualty investigations, incident management and mitigation of costs, Ransom negotiation, Rescue and many others.