Mr. Jorge Barakat, administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, together with staff from SEGUMAR, paid a technical visit to the operational facilities of MSC Shipping Company, in Italy.

The visit aimed to make a presentation on the advantages of the Panamanian Registry of Ships, of the new incentive schemes and rewards for the newly built vessels that join the Register. The visit had a positive effect on the MSC Shipping Company, which plans to build more than 63 vessels, cruise ships as well as container ships.

Recently, the MSC Shipping Company registered the largest container ship worldwide in the Panamanian Registry, the MSC Oscar. It has a load capacity of 19 224 TEU, with 394 meters in length (which is the equivalent of four soccer fields) a beam of 59 meters, 16 meters draught downward and 72meters upward. The MSC OSCAR could transport either 39 000 cars, 4.8 million bikes, 194 million tablet computers, or 96 million pair of sport shoes.

The Panamanian Registry is the only one with 64 privative consulates around the world, which offer the possibility of registering ships. Additionally and as a new business strategy to enhance the quality and proficiency of our services, the Panamanian Registry will extend its technical scope with new SEGUMAR offices in Istanbul (Turkey) and Imabari (Japan)… In the near future, SEGUMAR will open new technical bureaus, in China and Los Angeles (USA).

These new SEGUMAR bureaus will increase the number of technical bureaus to ten. They will contribute to make navigation safer. Currently, SEGUMAR has technical bureaus in Panama, USA, Greece, Singapore, Korea and Japan.