Mr. Alejandro Agustín Moreno, Deputy Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, participated in the opening ceremony of the 21st plenary meeting of the ISO TC8/SC1 (Lifesaving and fire protection), one of the 13 committees of the International Organization for Standardization.
The CT8 covers topics regarding Ships and marine technology and the SC1 conducts researches and makes recommendations about lifesaving and fire protection

In his intervention, Mr. Moreno highlighted the position of the Panamanian merchant marine, which represents more than 20% of the global fleet. Moreover, it is one of the few maritime authorities, that has achieved quality certification under the ISO 9001:2008, from the certifying entity Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. We cannot fail to mention the fact that the Panamanian merchant marine has also successfully passed IMO’s voluntary audits. He stressed also the importance of the celebration of this event in our country. It is the first time that a plenary session takes place consecutively, in the same country.

Mr. Moreno assured the participants that the Panama Maritime Authority is aware of the fierce competition in the maritime market. Therefore, it is determined to maintain the highest standards of quality in the services that it offers. Under the guidelines and parameters of the ISO, the institution strives for a strengthening and continuous improvement of its administration. The standards apply the entire organizational structure of the Merchant Marine General Directorate. They also reach the regional offices that provide technical assistance and are strategically located in cities like Tokyo, Imabari, Piraeus, Istanbul, New York, Seoul and Singapore.

This event of technical and maritime character takes place in the International Maritime University of Panama until Friday, 29th. It initiated by the adoption of the report of the 20th plenary session. Further, the participants analyze the reports delivered by the working parties. These reports address topics such as fire protection, rescue and general security.

Regarding the discussion topics, the participants prepare the work program and the development of the terms of reference for the working parties. They also analyze a few items coming from the International Maritime Organization. A forum will give the participants the possibility of proposing new work items and discuss ideas about new work items.

There will also be lectures about the devices of “man overboard” and “evacuation system”. The assembly will define the place, where the next plenary meeting will take place.

Ms. Fernanda Billard, rector of the International Maritime University of Panama, Mr. Manuel Grimaldo, Vice Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Miguel Rodriguez, Chairman of the Board of Inspectors of  the Panama Canal Authority, Mr. Robin Townsend, chairman of CT8 and Mr. Michael Blair, secretary  of CT8 attended the opening ceremony. Also, representatives from the countries with the highest level of development regarding maritime (technical and industrial) issues attended the opening ceremony.