As of October 5, the Tokyo MOU accepted the Panamanian Registry as a cooperating member. The Tokyo MOU made this decision during the twenty-sixth session of the Committee of Port State Control, held in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

The entry of the Panamanian Registry into the Tokyo MOU is the recognition for its efficiency, as well as for implementing the highest standards of technical qualification. This fact also gives evidence of the efforts of the Panamanian Registry, in order to raise the safety standards in the international navigation.

H.E. Mr. Ritter Díaz, Panama’s ambassador in Japan, and Mr. Rolando Hernández, head of the regional office of SEGUMAR in Singapore attended this event.

Once the members of the Tokyo MOU had approved Panama's membership, Mr. Jorge Barakat Pitty, administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, expressed confidence in the Panamanian Registry of Ships. He also welcomed, as very positive, the decision of the member States of the Tokyo MOU. Mr. Barakat reaffirmed the commitment of the Panama Maritime Authority in order to support the Tokyo MOU in the strengthening of the system of inspections of ships, in the Asia-Pacific region, in the standardization of port regulations and in the common effort of the member States to reduce the number of substandard shipping.

Finally, Mr. Barakat indicated that the entry of the Panamanian Registry into this regional agency would provide the Panama Maritime Authority with accurate information about the inspections, the technical deficiencies and the detention of ships in the ports of Asia-Pacific. New contacts with the maritime authorities of the member States of the Tokyo MOU will directly benefit the ships of the Panamanian Registry.


Note: The Tokyo MOU is an intergovernmental cooperation body composed of 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region, namely, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Islas Marshall, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, The Philippines, Russian Federation, Singapur, Thailand, Vanuatu y Vietnam.
The main objective of the Tokyo MOU is to establish an effective regime of port State control in the Asia-Pacific region through cooperation of its members and harmonization of their activities, to eliminate substandard shipping.