Jorge Barakat Pitty, the Minister of the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA), filed a formal criminal complaint before the Attorney General Office so that acts by the supposed Samoa International Maritime Authority (SIMA) and whoever else responsible may be investigated. This complaint was presented following  the initial investigations, done internally in the institution.

Barakat Pitty reiterated the fact that this administration did not authorize the expedition of any type of Samoan license, therefore, any license published or shown in any type of social media were issued through fraudulent means. Once detected through audits done by the Seafarers Directorate, these licenses were immediately cancelled.

The Minister, Barakat Pitty emphasized the fact that the current administration is unlike previous administrations.  In wich cases were left without their due investigation, and adequate controls regarding licenses and ship registry were not set in place. It is because of this that anomalies were able to be detected and immediately suspended making way for the internal investigations that took place. Now, the formal complaint has been submitted, allowing for the investigation by judicial authorities to take place, ultimately making it clear that this administration acts with complete transparency and always within the limits of the law. It is because of this that we will not permit negotiations on subjects that are important to us, like those of seafarers  licenses within  the Panamanian Ship Registry.