The Panama Maritime Authority, being conscious of the instructions and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health (MINSA), because of the Coronavirus (COVID.19) pandemic, as well as for the mitigation measures taken for the public and private sectors, we inform you that boarding and disembarkment of passengers and crew members to and from cruise ships, small cruise ships, ships with great draft, international shipping of passengers in yachts, mega yachts, and commercial yachts in ports, berths or wharfs, anchorage areas and marinas located within the national territory, and which arrive from international shipping originated from risk areas such as China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, France and from other countries which shall be added by way of communications, are temporarily suspended as of today.

The exception hereto is for the disembarkment of passengers or crew members who for exceptional reasons, are in transit en route to the airport, and who have previously been authorized therefor and are escorted to the airport in compliance with the protocols setforth by the Ministry of Health.  

Disembarkment of crew members shall be allowed, provided they do not come from risk areas, and same has been previouslyt approved by Regional Directors; said Regional Directors shall coordinate with the liaison pursuant International Health Rules and Regulations.

It is made clear, that inland water service vessels which operate exclusively within the jurisdictional waters of the Republic of Panama, may continue operating, provided they change crew members or passengers which are Panamanian citizens, or individuals that do not come from abroad. In the same manner, local artisanal fishermen, semi-industrial fishermen, livelyhood fishing boats, and national cabotage vessels which supply basic products to different communities within the country, are exmpted from complying with this measure.  

There is a temporary restriction for all operations carried out by commercial yachts, and the use of pleasure yachts is limited to a maximum of five pasengers, no matter their types of licenses.

Regarding ferry-type vessels which exclusively operate within the jurisdictional waters of the Republic of Panama, same shall only be allowed to ship Panamanian citizens or residents to and from the islands; shipping of international tourists to avoid conglomerations, is prohibited. Said companies shall comply with all clean health measures on board the vessels, same which have been issued by the Ministry of Health.

All international shipping vessels which require the rendering of maritime ancillary services shall, through their Shipping Agencies, strictly comply with the sending of all information required by the Ministry of Health, such as:

  • Crew List, same which shall include boarding dates and places for each crew member.
  • List of the 10 ports previously visited.
  • Maritime Health Statement.
  • Sick List, in the event that there are sick people on board; they shall send a medical report of the sick, and said vessel shall only be boarded by Maritime Health officials, who after making an evaluation thereof, will determine if the services are to be provided or if other measures shall be taken for the operation.

This information shall be provided within a period of at least 48 hours prior to arrival, and after analyzing the documents, boarding of the vessels shall be made by technical and operations personnel of the Maritime Ancillary companies which render their services to vessels.

This information shall be provided through the following official e-mails:

 A copy thereof shall be sent to

Maritime Ancillary Services to be rendered to international shipping vessels, and approved by maritime health officials, shall increase their health measures and decrease the number of individuals who board the vessels, and to avoid contact with crew members.

Port Operations on a national level and which are related to international service commercial vessels, and which arrive at ports and/or anchorage areas, only personnel which is essencial for the operation will be allowed to board; in these cases, they shall board in compliance with all health measures.

All STS (ship to ship), as well as fuel and water supply operations procedures, shall be carried out pursuant all procedures approved by the Panama Maritime Authority and the Ministry of Health.


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