1- Did rebuild the text version of the menu, can someone proof it and see if I did not forget any link from the JS version. (see link below)

2- You will see some red text, either comment should be remove and some wording (phrase) are way too long and need review.

3- Regarding the comments inline with menu item it should stay in the master file where it explains the landing pages.

4- Menu items that are not actual clickable pages (roll over) should be grey out or comment to understand if there is a page behind or not.
>>>> example in this demo menu: Institución >>>> About Us (not a clickable link)
Institución >>> not sure if its a landing page or a rollover item

5- if you rollover Servicios and Consultas, it seams that level 1 are same items, witch is ok, I just need to know if they same pages.
– Marina Mercante – Gente Mar – Registro Público de Naves – Puertos e Industrias Marítimas y Auxiliares
6- Same question here, Estructura Operativa >> Marina Mercante, Gente de Mar, Puertos. Just need to know if same than above.

7- if you have a back and forth with client about menu then you should also request the menu that goes in footer of the site. or offer them one like About / Service / Contact…

Menu – Word Version – (to be approved)

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